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Musical collets

A month or so ago, the CSAIL machine shop got a new milling machine to replace a Monarch milling machine from 1956 (seven years older than the Lab itself). I never used this machine — or indeed any of the … Continue reading

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Simple database tricks

I’ve been keeping an inventory of my personal library in a database for more than a decade. It was thus easy, when writing the previous post, to find out the exact number of books I had bought from SFBC. I … Continue reading

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End of the line for book clubs?

When I was growing up, pretty much every magazine had at least one double-page spread, with a response card tipped in, for a book club of one sort or another. Which club it was would depend on the readership of … Continue reading

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Another pearl from Anderson’s article

To summarize thus far, opaque sentences require hard work to fully (as opposed to one-sidedly) interpret. Still, the typical six-year-old is conversationally fluent in them. In [] the high-stakes world of legal reasoning, it is surprising that all the king’s … Continue reading

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How courts are like children

Besides courts, two other much-studied populations who have trouble handling opacity are children under the age of four to six and older children with diagnoses on the autism spectrum. —Jill Anderson, “Misreading Like a Lawyer: Cognitive Bias in Statutory Interpretation”, … Continue reading

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Building big NFS servers with FreeBSD/ZFS (2 of 2)

At CSAIL, we support two distributed file systems: AFS, which has a sensible security model (if somewhat dated in its implementation), but is slow and limited in storage capacity, and NFS, for people who don’t want security and do need … Continue reading

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Building big NFS servers with FreeBSD/ZFS (1 of 2)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the chance to build a number of big file servers for work. Back in January, I wrote a description of the server hardware we used and some of the software configuration that … Continue reading

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Molly’s Chocolate Pie, my take

There’s been a recipe — or rather, several related recipes — going around for the past month or so. I got the pointer from Diane Duane (Tumblr here) and the original recipe is at Azriona’s LJ where she has been … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the platform

I’ve always been leery of outsourcing any part of my Web content. A few years ago, I even installed a blog platform on my Web server with the intent of using it to publish things like this. Before I had … Continue reading

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