Playlist serendipity

On Twitter just now, I noted “Sometimes it feels like an inspired segue, but I know it’s really only the output of a pseudorandom number generator.” Here’s what I was hearing:

  1. Patty Larkin, “Hotel Monte Vista” (Regrooving the Dream)
  2. Bruce Springsteen, “Radio Nowhere” (Magic)
  3. Joan Osborne, “Running Out of Time” (Righteous Love)
  4. The Alarm, “Sold Me Down the River” (The Best of The Alarm)
  5. Indigo Girls, “Virginia Woolf” (1200 Curfews)
  6. [skipped a John Hiatt song that wasn’t compatible with the mood]
  7. Grey Eye Glances, “Days to Dust” (Eventide)

Now time to head downstairs for some quality time on the stationary bike…

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