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A lovely short meditation by Diane Duane

I’m not one for meditation, but I thought this was lovely: I’ll meet cruel people today, cowards and liars, people eaten up with envy and people drugged out or wasted on booze. They’ll be like that because they’re not clear … Continue reading

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The economy of ideas

Even the best of us have only a few ideas. Bill Gates, our era’s wealthiest entrepreneur, arguably had only one big idea. Giving wealthy people like him tax breaks will not suddenly encourage them to have more ideas. It is … Continue reading

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Literature and emotion and Deep Wizardry

Early this morning (or actually, all too late) I finished reading the “New Millennium Edition” of Diane Duane’s Deep Wizardry. I have the first edition (in multiple copies, even), and in fact read the first edition as a library book … Continue reading

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Chocolate caramel walnut tart

One of my favorite holiday-time desserts is a chocolate-caramel-walnut tart from Cook’s Illustrated. I first made it in 2007 after picking up the recipe in CI‘s holiday baking annual; searching today, I found the original recipe was from the November, … Continue reading

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End of the new-car hunt

At the end of the last month, I had to replace my eighth-generation Honda Accord V6, which was coming off lease on December 6. I had narrowed the choices down to two hybrids with very similar technology, the brand-new Accord … Continue reading

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Markets and other human institutions (quotation)

I thought the following quotation from Cosma Shalizi, one of my favorites, seemed appropriate in light of my previous post on Evangelii Gaudium: There is a fundamental level at which Marx’s nightmare vision is right: capitalism, the market system, whatever … Continue reading

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