A lovely short meditation by Diane Duane

I’m not one for meditation, but I thought this was lovely:

I’ll meet cruel people today, cowards and liars, people eaten up with envy and people drugged out or wasted on booze. They’ll be like that because they’re not clear about what’s good and what’s bad in their lives or about how much it matters which side to take, for themselves or for others. But even though they’re like that, I don’t have to be. I do have to keep their trouble in mind while I go about my business, though; because they are my business.

This is from Nita’s part of Diane Duane’s entry for day 16 (“During their morning rituals”) in the 30-day OTP (“One True Pair”) challenge, posted 2013-11-15. (The challenge was primarily a fanfic event and started in 2012, but DD is a pro writer doing it in one of her own universes.)

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