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Finally updated my MBP to Mavericks

I was waiting for an OpenAFS release that worked on 10.9, and that finally came out late last week, so I took the plunge. It took a couple of hours to update everything (I had a bunch of Apple apps … Continue reading

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This week’s Diane Duane quote

Maybe this one is really intended for me more than whatever readers I may have here: It is perhaps one of life’s more interesting ironies that, of the many who beseech the Goddess to send them love, so few will … Continue reading

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OK, I have three fourths of a bunch of parsley left. Now what?

Parsley was an unusual ingredient required by Joanne Chang’s split-pea soup recipe, but it only required three tablespoons. (I suspect I used substantially more than that, because, well, I had substantially more than that.) So on Monday afternoon, I opened … Continue reading

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Joanne Chang’s (cafe’s) split-pea soup

As I promised a few days ago, I made the split-pea soup from Joanne Chang’s flour, too. Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with how it came out, although I might do a few things differently. (I should note that Chang does … Continue reading

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Random segue of the week

Patty Larkin, “Me and That Train” (the live version from A Gogo) Indigo Girls’ cover of the Stones’ “Wild Horses” (a live-only track, from Staring Down the Brilliant Dream) see below Cry Cry Cry’s a capella cover of Leslie Smith’s … Continue reading

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More recipe fun

A week ago, I promised an update on Diane Duane’s Tessinerbrot recipe (original recipe here). I’ve now eaten the whole loaf, which is at least one good sign. On the whole, it seemed like a fairly ordinary soft white sandwich … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

From Christian Weisgerber: All that the recent pardon of Alan Turing triggered was self-righteousness about what good people we are now and how wicked British society was sixty years ago. The real message should have been: Which of todays punishments … Continue reading

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Summer entertainment: time to make a choice

Today I got my annual envelope from the BSO inviting me to pre-order tickets for the upcoming Tanglewood season. I’ve never had any interest in classical music, but every year since 2007 I’ve gone for the “Prairie Home Companion” live … Continue reading

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How many non-heterosexual people are there?

Attention conservation notice: 1400 words about a topic which, if you were really seriously interested in it, you would already have read the research I’m summarizing. Nearly since the modern conception of sexual orientation was invented, there have been serious … Continue reading

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Diane Duane’s Tessinerbrot

Back in the summer of 2011, Diane Duane published a recipe on her blog for Tessinerbrot, which is the German name for a white bread from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. She adapted the recipe from the Web site of … Continue reading

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