While I’m quoting Diane Duane…

This made me tear up (not least because it’s never happened to me, of which more later if I can manage to get it written):

But normally the concept of the date suggests something besides just going out to have fun. About the word, in English anyway, there hovers a sense that the fun itself is almost secondary. The real business of the evening is seeing the other person (or people) involved in the equation having that fun in company with you, and being in a position to share some of the overspill of their pleasure — but also, most importantly, to have the other person know that their happiness is making you happy too. And in the truly perfect date, this whole set of conditions is duplicated in the other person (or people), so that the exterior delight in the event itself, and the interior delight in the other person’s enjoyment of what’s going on, reflect back and forth as in a hall of virtual mirrors — seemingly increasing one another the way light, so remirrored, seems to increase light even when there’s been no net addition to the energy input. No one who’s ever been on such a date is likely to forget it…whether they’re a wizard or not.

— from day 4 of the Young Wizards 30-day OTP (“On a date”), posted 2012-11-20

Of course that’s probably an impossible standard to meet. You should go buy all her books anyway.

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