Random segue of the week

  1. Patty Larkin, “Me and That Train” (the live version from A Gogo)
  2. Indigo Girls’ cover of the Stones’ “Wild Horses” (a live-only track, from Staring Down the Brilliant Dream)
  3. see below
  4. Cry Cry Cry’s a capella cover of Leslie Smith’s “Northern Cross” (from the self-titled album)

Oddly enough, I’ve always associated “Wild Horses” with Neil Young more than anyone else. This may perhaps be because the original Rolling Stones single was released before I was born.

Number 3 was Catie Curtis’s “Slave to My Belly” (from Truth from Lies), with a totally different vibe. Not sure if I’ve ever heard that song live — Truth from Lies is a very early album for her, which I think predates my interest in that sort of music.

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