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Introversion and growing older alone

A few Sundays ago, I turned 41. That day, I had a nice birthday dinner and a chocolate tart (the result of a mix-up — I asked for a torte — but lovely nonetheless). But I didn’t consider it to … Continue reading

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Cosma Shalizi on programming as expression

I don’t agree with everything he says in his advice for students in his Intro to Statistical Computing class, but I like this a lot: Programming is expression: take a personal, private, intuitive, irreproducible series of acts of thought, and … Continue reading

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All this reading of Diane Duane novels reminded me of something I observed a while ago. Back in the summer of 2012, I heard, in relatively quick succession, recordings of two Americans living in the British Isles: a podcast interview … Continue reading

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While I’m quoting Diane Duane…

This made me tear up (not least because it’s never happened to me, of which more later if I can manage to get it written): But normally the concept of the date suggests something besides just going out to have … Continue reading

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