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ATK’s Herb-crusted Salmon Fillets

[Folks: a lot of you seem to be coming to my blog for this page. Please do me a favor and leave a comment about how you ended up here, and what you were actually looking for!] A few days … Continue reading

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Long-term update: Braunekuchen and split-pea soup; also, yummy chocolate

Last month I made Diane Duane’s Braunekuchen and Joanne Chang’s split-pea soup. The Braunekuchen recipe says they get better if kept in a sealed container for a few weeks; I ate the last two earlier this week, but honestly did … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

From Greg Shill, guest-blogging at The Conglomerate, of all places. He’s talking about a recent Kansas decision that found a sperm donor to be the legal father of a lesbian (ex-)couple’s child, despite all the parties having signed a contract … Continue reading

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Random segue time (post-Olympics edition)

So I just watched the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics (on my TiVo, so the delay didn’t bother me — but taking a commercial break during the pre-recorded lowering of the Olympic flag is inexcusable), which always pushes my … Continue reading

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The Definition of “Engineering”

On the way home, I was thinking about the overlap of engineering and design. Most engineering disciplines involve some element of design, but design and engineering are not the same thing. Similarly, some designers (particularly those working on Web site … Continue reading

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Radio playlist algorithmics

If you’re building a music log for a radio station, you generally have certain rules determined by your format — for example: All of the top 10 songs get played once every jock shift All of the next 20 songs … Continue reading

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Some surprising words of wisdom from Ron Unz

Conservative activist Ron Unz would not exactly be my go-to person for economic analysis, but Mike Konczal draws attention to a 2012 article of Unz’s making the conservative case for increasing the minimum wage. Some choice quotations (footnotes omitted): On … Continue reading

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Quote: M.J. Dominus on programming languages

From a Saturday-evening blog post which was primarily about job applicants at his company failing a really trivial programming quiz by doing it in Java: You will not produce anything really brilliant, but you will probably not produce anything too … Continue reading

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Diane Duane’s Braunekuchen and ATK’s cheese souffle

A few weeks ago, I said that I was making Braunekuchen, a northern German spice cookie, from a recipe Diane Duane posted on her blog. I made them the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day, and I’ve been eating them … Continue reading

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