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Consent, real and imagined, in the technology industry

Everyone must read this article from ModelViewCulture: Betsy Haibel (2014-04-28), “The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User” A few representative quotations: Another mechanism behind rape culture is the belief that sexual consent and non-consent exist on a different plane … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s random segue time!

I was struck by the following music-player serendipity: Bruce Cockburn, “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” Cry Cry Cry, “Northern Cross” Poi Dog Pondering, “Catacombs” Aztec Camera, “Sun” Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Under the Bridge” Dream Academy, “Life in a … Continue reading

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The latest way in which Firefox is broken

At work, Firefox is our recommended and officially-supported browser. We have historically liked it because (a) it works the same on all platforms, and (b) it implements SSL client authentication correctly. Unfortunately, it seems that very few Firefox developers actually … Continue reading

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On the uniqueness of (personal) libraries

What’s the minimum number of books required to positively identify someone by their personal collection? For me, at least, I’m willing to bet that it’s two: if anyone else has both the late Dick Golembiewski’s Milwaukee Television History and Eugene … Continue reading

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Chocolate chip cookies two ways

A few weeks ago, I made chocolate-chunk cookies from Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook. I was disappointed, since I had had these at the actual Flour bakery numerous times, and mine weren’t nearly as good. I discovered two significant issues. First, … Continue reading

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A useful trick when photographing food in the kitchen

Always buy plain white paper towels. When you want to photograph something you’re preparing, just crumple up a paper towel and make sure you get it in the frame. Then you have an accurate reference for white-balancing your photograph, without … Continue reading

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Jeff Smith’s “Serbian Pork Seasoning”

People my age or older who have been cooking for a long time probably remember Jeff Smith, the Methodist minister known as “The Frugal Gourmet” in PBS television series and related cookbooks. He was perhaps the last of the “old-style” … Continue reading

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