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Other people’s recipes: Martha Holmberg’s Risotto with Very Meaty Tomato Sauce

This is the first recipe I’ve attempted from Martha Holmberg’s cookbook Modern Sauces (Chronicle Books, 2012). Risotto with tomato sauce sounds like an odd thing, but when you use the proportions and serving sizes indicated, the result is quite tasty … Continue reading

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Chocolate tasting results for week 2

We held our second weekly chocolate tasting today, with much better attendance. Whereas last week, when we were doing 70% chocolates and most people preferred a “reference” 85% chocolate, this week was 85% chocolates and a plurality preferred a “reference” … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Joanne Chang’s Bittersweet chocolate sorbet

I wasn’t originally going to post about this, since there isn’t really much to see, but I do have one picture of this luscious chocolate dessert from Flour: It came out a little bit icier than intended, I think because … Continue reading

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Chocolate tasting results for week 1

I posted the results for week 1 of the chocolate tasting on our wiki. My summary: One of the “ringers”, the Theo Pure 85% Dark, was the overall winner, with two first-place votes and two second-place votes. Opinions on the … Continue reading

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Yet more recipe pointers

I’ve been a bit of a tear lately annotating cookbooks for recipes I might want to make. I’ve intentionally avoided doing this for the big “encyclopedic” cookbooks, like Joy, which are more for reference than for inspiration, but I’m about … Continue reading

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More updates to recipe pointers

I’ve gone through a few more cookbooks and taken note of things I might want to try: Carole Bloom, Caramel Elaine Louie, The Occasional Vegetarian Kevin Mills and Nancy Mills, Chocolate on the Brain Marlena Spieler, Macaroni & Cheese Hope … Continue reading

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Chocolate tasting: week 1

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As I mentioned a few posts ago, I wanted to organize a chocolate tasting. We have a small group of chocolate-lovers in CSAIL, and next Tuesday will be our first of at least six weekly tasting sessions. During this time, … Continue reading

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Debugging a weird network problem (or: IPv6 privacy addresses, just say no)

All you folks who followed my blog for food porn are going to want to skip this one. The past ten days have been pretty horrible for me at work, thanks to the combined effect of five different network issues. … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Joanne Chang’s brioche au chocolat

Having made Joanne Chang’s brioche dough a couple of weekends ago, I was faced with the enviable task of deciding what to do with the second half-batch. Between her two cookbooks (Flour and Flour, too) she gives half a dozen … Continue reading

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Organizing a chocolate tasting

I’m thinking about organizing a chocolate tasting at work, and hoping other people out there will have done something similar. This is just intended for fun, but I still want to run a proper taste-test protocol, and actually determine the … Continue reading

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