Added some Joanne Chang recipes to my pointer page

I went through Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook the other day and marked all of the recipes I though I wanted to try. Now I’ve made those bookmarks electronic, on my “Recipe Pointers” page. (You’ll still have to actually buy the cookbook!) I’ve done the nutritional calculations for some of these recipes (that helps me to prioritize) so some of them have calorie counts listed — but note that these are based on the yields listed in the cookbook; I haven’t independently verified them, and the servings in Chang’s Flour Bakery-Cafe are sometimes significantly larger. My number for the brioche recipe is based on 18 approximately one-inch slices (from two loaves baked in 9×5 pans), but the brioche dough is also used to make other recipes, like the sticky buns, which don’t portion the same way. (When I do make any of these, you can expect a post to follow shortly with the full details.)

UPDATE: I added pointers for Flour, too as well.

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