Week 3 chocolate tasting results

We had our third weekly chocolate tasting today, finishing up (for now) our set of mixed-origin chocolates with some boutique and artisanal products — which, surprisingly, did not rate especially highly. I summarized the results this:

Contrary to week 2’s experience, the panel was fairly united on this one: Venchi Extra Fondente 75% was the clear winner, with seven first-place votes and two second-place votes. The low-priced Icelandic bar, Nói Síríus Traditional Icelandic Chocolate, came in a surprise second place, with one first-place vote and five second-place votes. Two tasters gave top marks to Patric Chocolate Signature Blend (which was also tied with the Icelandic for one of the second-place votes), and one preferred the reference Valrhona Manjari. One of the first-place votes for the Venchi 75% was a tie with the same maker’s 85%, which also received a second-place vote.

See the wiki page for more details.

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