Nutrition information for high-test chocolate

As I’ve noted before, good chocolate can vary quite substantially in its nutritional value, as manufacturers adjust the ratio of cocoa solids to cocoa butter, even when keeping the overall percentage cacao the same. Taken from the CSAIL Tasters wiki, here is a composite nutritional picture based on 16 products claiming between 70% and 72% cacao.

Per 100 grams chocolate
575 kcal
2409 kJ
40.7 g fat
26.0 g saturated fat
45.6 g total carbohydrate
9.4 g dietary fiber
44.0 g sugar
8.1 g protein

Note that I don’t have numbers for iron, which is the only other FDA-required nutrient disclosure which chocolate contains in a significant amount. While it’s always better to reference a specific product’s nutrition labeling, hopefully this will help people figure out how much they can have when no label is provided.

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