Week 5 chocolate tasting results

This week’s chocolate tasting was a tough one, compromised somewhat by low attendance and a very similar set of chocolates. My summary from our wiki:

With only six participants, abd seven very similar products, it’s difficult to name a clear winner in this tasting. Sue suggested that I describe this week’s theme as “The Battle of the Blands”, and around the tasting table, all panelists commented on the difficulty of choosing a favorite. The Divine Intensely Rich Dark Chocolate and Whole Foods Dark Chocolate: Tanzania Schoolhouse Project tied with two first-place votes each, but neither one received any second-place votes. Both Valrhona Andoa and reference Valrhona Guanaja received a single vote each for both first and second place. The reference TCHO Dark chocolate discs received three second-place votes, and TCHO PureNotes “Chocolatey” received the final second-place vote.

I have a suspicion that the Whole Foods product, which is made in Belgium, may actually be Callebaut.

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