Recipe quick take: SeriousEats’ fresh corn chowder

Tonight I did J. Kenji López-Alt’s corn chowder from SeriousEats. I bought some fresh corn at a farm stand, and it made a quite tasty light dinner. (Dinner had to be light because the sandwiches and the cookies at the bakery on Natick Common across from the farmer’s market are far too large!) By my reckoning, it comes in at about 315 calories for a two-cup serving, which is great for a soup — particularly one as creamy as this one. No pictures; it looks just like the one in Kenji’s photo (except that I puréed mine a bit more than he did his, although that doesn’t really come across in the photo anyway). One issue: I noticed a bit of undercooked roux in the pot as I was transferring it to a plastic container for cooling and storage.

In other news, I have a schedule for the upcoming Other People’s Recipes posts. These are of course subject to change. Tomorrow or Monday will be Concord grape pie from the Emily and Melissa Elsen’s The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book; next weekend will be the Elsens’ salted caramel apple pie; Columbus Day weekend will be three or four pumpkin pies; the following weekend will be more pumpkin pies (and/or possibly other pumpkin dishes if I’m sick of pumpkin pie by then); October 25/26 will be the Elsens’ black-bottom oatmeal pie; and November 1/2 will be the Elsens’ black walnut pie. I’m still taking requests for December; see recipe pointers for a list of possibilities and leave a comment here.

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  1. mpearrow says:

    ‘Twas quite good! I am not a fan of corn or creamy soups generally, but I enjoyed this.

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