Limited posting schedule for the rest of this month

I’ll be making two trips to the west coast later this month, and that will put a crimp on blog posts for a while (especially the food posts). There will be one more post from last weekend’s cooking, which should come tomorrow or Thursday depending on when I get off my butt and write it. I have a couple of other posts percolating: a big idea post about the two most important lenses through which we see the world (and how we don’t do a very good job at teaching them), and a much smaller post reflecting on a year of daily commuting in a hybrid — not sure if either of these will get done before the month is out.

CSAIL Holiday Baking Fest will be the Monday after I get back from California, so there will be some more recipe posts for the treats I end up baking for that (currently planning on doing three: two chocolate tarts and a Polish tea bread).

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