Random thoughts in Los Angeles

I’m in Southern California for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I just wanted to collect a bunch of tweets that I made to preserve them for posterity, or something. At least those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter will get to see, anyway.

(Pretty much everything that exists today other than the basic bus network was built in the wake of the Northridge earthquake — although I believe the Metro Red Line was in planning and/or construction already when that happened. MetroLink commuter rail was inaugurated to relieve pressure after parts of the 10 freeway collapsed in the quake.)

(I seem to be the bad-luck fairy for hockey; I don’t think the home team has ever won an NHL game that I attended.)

(About an hour in both cases.)

(The Comfort on Lankershim was about $25 more expensive a night than this place, and it’s not all that wonderful either. Terrible radio reception, for one thing.)

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