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One simple trick to lose as much weight as you want!

Ok, I’ve (sort of) spilled my guts about introversion, privilege, gender, sexuality, harassment, and the vicious positive feedback loop between being undesired and feeling undesirable, so might as well get this one over with while my inhibitions still seem to … Continue reading

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A not-quite-response to Jean Yang’s response to “Comment 171”

Last month, MIT Computer Science professor Scott Aaronson (disclaimer: a colleague, although as he’s a theoretician, not one I interact with very much) wrote a thoughtful blog post about MIT’s response to the allegations of misconduct against former Physics professor … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Joanne Chang’s Vegan low-fat chocolate cake

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my baking lately, thanks to travel and the holidays. I was planning on doing two different Joanne Chang recipes this weekend, but since one involved making pastry and all my butter was in the … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts on my recent trip to New York

On sort of a whim, I decided to go to New York the day after New Year’s. Well, technically, I actually did the deciding a few weeks before New Year’s, when I was looking at the NHL schedule, but it … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Saladin Ahmed on satire

From Saladin Ahmed’s Times piece today: The question for writers and artists, then, is not whether we ought to limit ourselves, but how already limit ourselves. In a field dominated by privileged voices, it’s not enough to say “Mock everyone!” … Continue reading

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