Stuff I did this weekend

There will be a couple of quick posts later this week about two recipes I made this weekend, Deborah Krasner’s all-(grass-fed)-beef meatloaf (from Good Meat) and the whole-wheat peanut-butter muffins (with peanut-butter frosting) from King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking. Neither recipe was very involved and I didn’t take many pictures so these will both be quick takes. Next weekend, which is a three-day holiday weekend, I will either be going to Ottawa to see a hockey game, or staying at home and doing a soup by Ottolenghi and either more muffins or another coffee cake recipe. (Or perhaps I can do something with bananas in it.) Maybe also some blondies or something similar to that. In case that’s not totally clear, I haven’t decided and it all depends on whether I manage to score a ticket to the game at a price I’m willing to pay.

That price actually isn’t very much, as it happens, for this month at least, because I just spent a fairly large sum on bike accessories so that I can finally get back on my bike for real, this time, I mean it. The bike only cost $250 to overhaul and replace the dried and cracked rubber parts, but the other bits (new panniers, helmet, shoes, etc., all the way down to the $5 water bottle) really added up to quite a lot! Hopefully that serves as incentive, at least during the nice weather.

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