Limited posts for a while

I spent the past weekend in San Diego, so there’s no new food to post about. Also, we are entering that time of year when my workplace is chock full of free food, and I also have a substantial amount of food that I’ve already paid for too, so my baking will be on the limited side for the next month or so. (Kinda hard to keep to your diet when you have people shoving slices of cheesecake at you, even if they’re small slices of cheesecake!) I will try to do some other recipes as time and menu planning allow, especially low(ish)-calorie dinner stuff. Also, I have a fairly substantial amount of work ahead of me in fixing up some long-standing issues with my Web site, and I’d like to do some more reading, too. (On the flight back home, I finished reading Jo Walton’s What Makes This Book So Great, my response to which was to add even more books to the to-read pile….) In any event, not to worry, there is more to come, just not quite so frequently as this past winter.

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