Coming Attractions

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you’ve probably read about how I made a list of recipes to bake this summer, and asked my coworkers to pick their top three (based only on the recipe name and source). Tallying up the preferences wasn’t hard (uniq -c is a big win), but coming up with a reasonable schedule was a bit more of a challenge, particularly when trying to make sure that people didn’t miss out on their own selections due to vacations, summer internships on the west coast, Ramadan fasting, and so on. Plus there’s my own travel and other personal commitments to consider.

I usually prefer to do scheduling on paper, so I can draw arrows and move things around, so the following is only a snapshot, and I make no promises about how much of this will actually get done, and how much of what does get done turns into full blog posts with pictures and everything. The basic model is that more complicated recipes get done on weekends, and simple things (generally cookies, quickbreads, or muffins) happen midweek, but I’ll be cutting back on the schedule to once a week at some point, probably when classes begin after Labor Day. Dates are approximate.

Moosewood: Coconut Lemon Layer Cake
Ovenly: Coconut, Chocolate & Brown Butter Blondies — possibly do oat variation as well for comparison
Costantino: Torta di Pistacchio (hopefully with crema di pistacchio filling, if it arrives in time)
Flour, too: Brown Sugar–Oat Cherry Muffins
Grandmother’s birthday
Moosewood: Black & White Brownies
Moosewood: Texas Italian Cream Cake
Brody: Chocolate–Peanut Butter Shortbread Bars
Costantino: Cherry–Almond Cake
Whole Grain Baking: Chocolate Pound Cake
Whole Grain Baking: Lemon–Raspberry Cake
Luchetti: Walnut–Hazelnut Bars
Whole Grain Baking: Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Whole Grain Baking: Banana Crunch Cake
Flour: Classic Carrot Cake
Luchetti: Walnut Cake with Chocolate-Orange Sabayon and Vanilla Crème Anglaise
Whole Grain Baking: Peanut Butter Cream Pie
Costantino: Torta Gattopardo
Flour: Midnight Chocolate Cake
Flour: Best Boston Cream Pie (substitute soaking syrup)
Ovenly: Black Chocolate Stout Cake with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Buttercream (subject to availability of Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout in the package store)
Huckleberry: Chocolate Banana Walnut Cake
Luchetti: Pumpkin Upside-Down Cake
Whole Grain Baking: Carrot Cake
Brody: White Chocolate–Orange Pound Cake
Ovenly: Brooklyn Blackout Cake

That leaves the following recipes from my original list unaccounted-for:

  • Flour: Double Chocolate & Orange Semifreddo (as a frozen dessert, should probably have been left off the list — I wasn’t going to be bringing this in to the office to share even if I did make it)
  • Moosewood: Dark Chocolate Layer Cake (substitute frosting) [1 request]
  • Costantino: Africano
  • Brody: Chocolate Pound Cake
  • Brody: Chile Cha-Cha Brownies
  • Brody: Chocolate-Raspberry Torte [2 requests]

Some of these are possible mid-season replacements or may be doable as a midweek project if I feel ambitious in the fall. Likewise, the following recipes (which really should be listed on my Recipe Pointers page) were not included on the original list of recipes, but might get added later on, or swapped for something else to use up perishable ingredients:

  • Moosewood: Cinnamon Honey Coffeecake
  • Costantino: La Deliziosa
  • Costantino: Ciambella all’Arancia
  • Costantino: Dolci di Noci
  • Costantino: Barchiglia (chocolate-glazed almond tart with pear)
  • Ovenly: Gooey Honey Blondies
  • Flour: Famous Banana Bread
  • Flour: Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Flour: Deep Dark Spicy Gingerbread
  • Luchetti: Ricotta Cheesecake with dried cherries & golden raisins
  • Brody: Peanut Butter Cups
  • Brody: Denver Chocolate Pudding Cake
  • Medrich: Bittersweet Deception
  • Medrich: Bittersweet Roulade
  • Medrich: Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Bloom: Chocolate & Caramel Layer Cake
  • Bloom: Butterscotch Toasted Walnut Pound Cake
  • Bloom: Butterscotch Blondies
  • Bloom: Nutty Caramel Bars
  • Alford/Duguid: Banana Coconut Bread
  • Greenspan/Hermé: Moist & Nutty Brownies
  • Greenspan/Hermé: Chocolate Sparklers

In addition, I (stupidly) continue to buy cookbooks. Among the cookbooks I already own but have yet to scan for recipes are Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Baking Bible, Ruby Tandoh’s Crumb, Fritz Knipschildt’s Chocopologie, Mindy Segal’s Cookie Love, and Hannah Miles’s Naked Cakes. So of course everything is subject to change, and I could get tired of this and move on to something else at a moment’s notice.

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