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Recipe quick takes: King Arthur Flour’s whole-wheat pumpkin bread

If you read the last installment, you’ll recall that I had to do a bunch of shuffling of my baking schedule as a result of a critical ingredient not being available. As a result, I ended up moving a pumpkin … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Zoe Nathan’s Chocolate Banana Walnut Cake

This past weekend, I was supposed to be doing Black Chocolate Stout Cake from Ovenly, but Black Chocolate Stout wasn’t available the weekend before, so I had to change my plans. As it turns out, it won’t be available until … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Joanne Chang’s Double Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Snap quiz: What do you do when you have leftover crème fraîche you don’t know what to do with? There aren’t as many options as you’d think, at least not until you start doing serious recipe development (ok, how much … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Joanne Chang’s Boston Cream Pie

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Boston Cream Pie creates a lot of confusion. While it is from Boston, it doesn’t necessarily have any cream in it, and it’s a layer cake, not a pie. Opinions differ greatly on what the cake should be filled with: … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Joanne Chang’s Midnight Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Buttercream

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When I started my summer baking project last June, I did not expect one recipe to be head-and-shoulders more popular than all the others: Joanne Chang’s “Midnight Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Buttercream” from Flour (Chronicle Books, 2010; p. 162). I … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Emily Luchetti’s Ricotta Cheesecake with golden raisins and tart cherries

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This was one of two cheesecake recipes I was originally considering making for my grandmother’s birthday back in August. I put this one off indefinitely, but when my travel (or lack thereof) plans became a bit clearer, I added it … Continue reading

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We tasted some chocolate

I’ll have a writeup on Emily Luchetti’s “Ricotta Cheesecake with golden raisins and tart cherries” later this long weekend. In the mean time, I’ve written up the results of a chocolate tasting from Monday. Here’s my conclusion: This was a … Continue reading

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In defense of client certificates

There is a move afoot among Web browser developers to remove an authentication mechanism that many enterprises depend on: SSL/TLS with X.509 client certificates. Client certificate support, along with related functionality for enrollment of clients, was first implemented in Netscape … Continue reading

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Summer baking and autumn baking

Back in August, I posted “Coming Attractions (redux)“, a status update for my summer baking project. Summer is now over, and we’re well into autumn by any definition, so it’s time to review what I actually did (it wasn’t exactly … Continue reading

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