Not sure if there will be any more posts here

I was all set to put up a short post here about last weekend’s baking when I found that had, without any notice, replaced their usable posting user interface with a horrible new one — and they also broke the “Contact Us” page so it’s not even possible to complain about it. Suffice it to say, that’s a really shitty way to treat paying customers. Unless this gets fixed, I’m probably going to move this blog somewhere else, but I don’t know where or how long that’s going to take. (I could host it myself, but as I explained in my very first post, with the security history of WordPress and PHP in general, I have every reason to be willing to pay someone else to keep up with patches.)

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5 Responses to Not sure if there will be any more posts here

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    I can still revert to the original if I go to view admin at the bottom of the My Sites tab. Are they slowly doing away with this? I hate the new posting format and keep reverting to the old one.

    • That gets you to the classic “WP Admin” page, but there’s no way to get to the non-sucky “Add/Edit Post” page any more. You used to be able to do this by going to “My Site” => “Blog Posts” => “Add”, but now that takes you to the horrible new thing.

      • koolaidmoms says:

        Oh no! Mine still goes to the old dashboard and if I go to Posts => Add New it still takes me to the old (for now I guess).

    • Curiously enough, if I click on one of the old post edit links from the wp-admin “dashboard”, it still takes me to the old post editor — so the code to implement MUST still be there somewhere, even as they continue to take away the ways to access it!

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