Quote of the day: Rufus Hound on Impostor Syndrome (sort of)

I always imagined that I would eventually do one thing, and then go, “Oh, that’s what I do!” But it’s just never happened: (a) because it’s always exciting when you get offered the chance to do something new, and then basically, the long dark tea-time of the soul means that you can always tell yourself that you’re no good at whatever it is you’re currently doing — and every biography I’ve read of any of my heroes, the running theme through all of it is, every day they wake up and expect a phone call that is basically, “There’s been a terrible mistake; obviously, you knew you couldn’t really do this. You should have said something, but now we’ve finally… with the paperwork is in, you’re terrible, that’s it, it’s all done, it’s all over.” And so yeah, I just keep moving around, so that nobody can get hold of me to make that phone call.

— Rufus Hound, The Museum of Curiosity, series 8, episode 4 (BBC Radio 4, first broadcast 2016-02-01)

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