Blogging status update

One or two of you may have noticed that I’ve not posted very much lately. Mostly this is because I’ve been bike commuting, which means I can only bring small things into work (not carrying a cake or pie in my backpack on a bumpy 20-mile ride!), but also I’ve been doing some recipes I’ve already written about, and see no need to write up again. (One embarrassing example this weekend was Joanne Chang’s “Chocolate Chunk Cookies”, from Flour, which I did two years ago but failed to note in the book, so I added it to my schedule again despite not having been happy with how they turned out!)

At my latitude we’re presently losing two minutes of daylight every day, so bike commuting will shortly become impractical and I’ll be getting back to my regular routine. Perhaps I’ll even finish the list I have oh-so-cleverly titled “Spring Baking” before next spring rolls around.

While I’m at it, kudos to the Town of Wellesley for managing to repave a one-mile stretch of Washington St. (Route 16) in two weeks, when most other towns would still have the scarified pavement exposed and making life dangerous for cyclists after two months or more.

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