Quote of the day

(A teacher in a sorcery school is giving an impromptu lecture:)

“Each of you may live a long time; each of you is of significant strength. You could do good, if you could judge all the consequences of what you might do. Yet the world is immense; a full understanding of the consequence is direly difficult to obtain, even should you live for thousands of years to see how what you have done works on the world, and yet good remains a judgement.”

“Act to avoid constraining the future; if you can, act to remove constraint from the future. This is a thing you can do, are able to do, to do together. Sorcerers are not made free of a need for their fellows; much of the lamentation of history derives from attempts to be safe despite that need.”

“Remember that the least constrained future anyone has yet managed prefers the rule of law to the whims of wizards.”

—Graydon Saunders, A Succession of Bad Days (2015), chapter 29

I’m of a mind that that last imperative could as well be directed at many of the people in Silicon Valley who are busily trying to remake the world in their own image.

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