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World Figure Skating Championships: Men’s Short Program

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Hey guys. I skipped the first couple hours of the Short Dance so I could photographically ogle Yuzuru Hanyu’s ass edit my photos of yesterday’s men’s short program so maybe you can actually see them before the free skate on … Continue reading

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World Figure Skating Championships: Ladies’ Short Program

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Hey, folks, I stayed up way too late editing photos after getting back from today’s pairs free skate so I could bring you yesterday’s ladies’ SP. I think I’m finally getting the hang of Lightroom after five years… Anyway, I … Continue reading

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The rest of the men from the day 2 practice at the World Figure Skating Championships

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Here are the rest of the men that I saw at the second day of practice (recall that I didn’t get to the arena at 6:15 AM like they did so I didn’t see the earliest groups of skaters). I’ll … Continue reading

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Some photos from day 2 of the World Figure Skating Championships

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I’m writing today’s post from Helsinki (accent on the first syllable if you want to sound like a native), where the annual World Figure Skating Championships are being held. It was my intention to take lots of pictures and then … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

This past weekend, I read a couple of YA novels that took the standard fairy-tale premise of “the prince saves the princess and they lived happily ever after” and turn it around into “the princess saves the princess (and whether … Continue reading

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Sitting here after spending another late morning abed with a book, I came to think for a moment: those authors whose books meant so much to me when I was growing up, they are as much older than me now … Continue reading

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