World Figure Skating Championships: Men’s Free Skate (intro, post 1 of 5)

This is the first of five posts with my photos from the men’s free skate at this year’s World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki. See my intro post for the ladies’ free skate for some important caveats. Note that these photos were taken from the top row of the lower seating section (100 level) of the arean, using a long telephoto lens, and my seats in particular were along the side wall (so, perpendicular to the judging panel). This is why you don’t see too many of the skaters’ faces: it’s difficult to focus on them, and when the skaters are still they are usually facing judge #1 at the very opposite end of the rink.

For this introductory post I’ll also show the technical panel, introductions of each group of skaters, and the victory ceremony in a single slideshow. (I’m assuming you already know the results from Saturday afternoon if you’re reading this on Monday.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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