Still here

I have worked up quite a backlog of posts that need to get written. I was hoping to make some progress on that this weekend, but that didn’t pan out. Neither did the 55-mile bike ride I was planning on doing. (It’s hard to do stuff in the morning if you don’t wake up in the morning.) I got distracted by Jean Yang’s blog post “The Genius Fallacy“, and felt like I ought to respond in some way to it (or to the things it reminded me of), but in the end I couldn’t figure out what actual point I wanted to make, so that didn’t happen either. (That’s how most of my projects founder, to be honest: they start with an idea, or more often a snipped of imagined dialogue, but don’t manage to develop enough to actually be worth sitting down at the keyboard and turning into writing.)

Here’s the other stuff on my agenda:

  • A short write-up on a brownie recipe I didn’t much care for
  • An essay on some questions related to gender inspired a bit by the Worldcon 75 program
  • A few photo collections from a day and a half of post-Worldcon walking around Helsinki
  • Another recipe write-up on some chocolate-chip cookies I haven’t actually made yet
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