Weekend mini-excursion: Stations of various south-side lines

I had hoped to publish my thoughts about the Franklin Line by now, but photo editing took a bit longer than usual, and I wanted to wait anyway for a sunny day when I could go out and get pictures of the remaining stations on the line from my snow-squall-interrupted trip last weekend. Anyway, as the journalists say, “tk” on that one.

In order to dovetail with the Franklin Line discussion, I did get around to publishing some cell-phone photos from the Providence Line which I took in August, 2019 — before the closure of rusted-out deathtrap South Attleboro and before the completion of the new platforms at Mansfield. Notably, this contains the pictures of Readville station which complete my treatment of the Franklin Line. That earlier trip was made primarily to investigate the barriers to high-platform construction (although the primary barrier was always Stephanie Pollack) and some of the photos were subsequently deleted, so it is far from a thorough treatment of current station conditions.

While I was in the neighborhood, although I skipped a revisit of Readville and Hyde Park on the Providence Line, I did go to Fairmount station on the eponymous line; since all of the other Fairmount stations are in denser parts of the city with more people around and less parking, and there’s still a pandemic going on, I am putting them off until later when I am able to get there by transit. (They’re also all new-construction high-platform stations and so much less interesting.)

Since I was posting the Providence Line photos, I figured I might as well take a look at the two-station Stoughton Branch, which has one historic station, a lot of questions about its future, and lots and lots of parking. I’m not going to be writing a separate profile of the Stoughton Branch for some time, certainly not until some movement is made on electrification, South Coast Rail phase 2, or other significant investments.

Next stop, Franklin, followed by the Eastern Route.

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