A colleague mentioned that she didn’t know from looking at this blog until she saw the copyright notice watermarked into each photo. So for the avoidance of doubt: all of the material written or photographed on this blog is by me, Garrett Wollman, ©2013–2015, all rights reserved, except where otherwise stated.

On this blog I post random stuff that interests me. I didn’t really intend it this way, but it’s worked to be mainly walk-throughs of recipes. Sometimes I also post about law and society, media and broadcasting, and my own profession, computing — but I don’t often write about what I’m doing at work. Other places you might want to look for me:

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3 Responses to About

  1. John M Flynn says:

    I am helping put together some Worcester Line mitigation ideas to deal with the Allston I90 project for TransitMatters and some Worcester/MetroWest stakeholders. I have read your blog postings on the Ag Branch and wondering two things: do you have access to the MPO study from 2002, and do you have and other research you think might be useful and are willing to share? Jay Flynn

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