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Post-vacation status update

Last year around this time I went to the World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki and generated a whole bunch of posts about it. I went to Worlds again this year, in Milan, and bookended that trip with train travel … Continue reading

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Still here

I have worked up quite a backlog of posts that need to get written. I was hoping to make some progress on that this weekend, but that didn’t pan out. Neither did the 55-mile bike ride I was planning on … Continue reading

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Administrivia: service interruption

Hi, folks. Just wanted to note that I’ve been blogging less this summer by intention, due to a combination of increased travel, the regular summer bike commute (finally!) and decreased baking (due to increased weight :-( ) Expect regular service to … Continue reading

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Administrivia: Promised posts delayed somewhat

I promised another post about Helsinki (which has somehow turned into three posts) and one about Reykjavik, and these are still in the works. Unfortunately, the trees in this part of the world are very busy having sex right now, … Continue reading

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Holiday Baking 2016

This year’s holiday baking, for a variety of reasons, will consist of things that I’ve done previously and have already written about, so I won’t be posting any more recipe walk-throughs for the rest of the year. See you in … Continue reading

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Blogging status update

One or two of you may have noticed that I’ve not posted very much lately. Mostly this is because I’ve been bike commuting, which means I can only bring small things into work (not carrying a cake or pie in … Continue reading

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Not sure if there will be any more posts here

I was all set to put up a short post here about last weekend’s baking when I found that had, without any notice, replaced their usable posting user interface with a horrible new one — and they also broke … Continue reading

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Winter baking schedule

For the past several months, I’ve been posing irregular updates on what I plan to bake for the coming months. This started with my “summer baking project”, in which I polled co-workers on which recipes they were most interested in … Continue reading

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Administrivia: Baking schedule update for the rest of the year

I had originally planned to do a pound cake this weekend, but in view of the very large quantity of “free” food expected at the office over the next week, I decided that it would not be the best time. … Continue reading

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Started posting some cycling stuff

I had hoped to put up a blog category of cycling-related stuff, but unfortunately does not allow the <iframe> elements that I need to display my Garmin Connect activities, so I’ve had to do it old-school on my personal … Continue reading

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