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Administrivia: Baking schedule update for the rest of the year

I had originally planned to do a pound cake this weekend, but in view of the very large quantity of “free” food expected at the office over the next week, I decided that it would not be the best time. … Continue reading

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Started posting some cycling stuff

I had hoped to put up a blog category of cycling-related stuff, but unfortunately does not allow the <iframe> elements that I need to display my Garmin Connect activities, so I’ve had to do it old-school on my personal … Continue reading

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Brief blogging outage

I’m going on a short trip starting this weekend. The recipe I was planning to bake would have been a repeat anyway, so I was not going to do a post. I have another post in the works, not food-related, … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you’ve probably read about how I made a list of recipes to bake this summer, and asked my coworkers to pick their top three (based only on the recipe name and source). … Continue reading

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Posts coming later this week

I have nothing in particular to post this weekend because everything I’ve done so far I’ve already covered. Today (Sunday) I redid the Cook’s Illustrated vegetarian chili from earlier this year; the only thing new I have to report is … Continue reading

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Limited posts for a while

I spent the past weekend in San Diego, so there’s no new food to post about. Also, we are entering that time of year when my workplace is chock full of free food, and I also have a substantial amount … Continue reading

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Coming up this weekend

It’s a long holiday weekend here in Massachusetts, and I have a fairly ambitious schedule planned. First, if the weather is decent, I’ll be spending as much time on my bike as I can tolerate. Beyond that, I’m planning on … Continue reading

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Administrivia: No more Amazon links

Amazon decided that, because I was honest with you, my readers, and told you that I might actually get some money if you ordered stuff through my links to them, they didn’t want to have me as an “Associate” and … Continue reading

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Stuff I did this weekend

There will be a couple of quick posts later this week about two recipes I made this weekend, Deborah Krasner’s all-(grass-fed)-beef meatloaf (from Good Meat) and the whole-wheat peanut-butter muffins (with peanut-butter frosting) from King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking. … Continue reading

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Regular service to resume shortly…

I just got back from nearly two weeks of travel and am now decompressing. Expect my regular posting schedule to resume next weekend. Maybe some day you’ll actually get to see my pictures from the longer of the two trips … Continue reading

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