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New “Recommendations” page

I’ve created a new “Recommendations” page calling out the recipes that I recommend particularly highly. (This is just a summary of the other pages under the “Recipes” menu.)

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Schedule for the next few weeks

Here’s what I’m currently expecting to cook/bake and write up for you: This weekend: One of the lemon pies from The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book — the black-bottom one by choice, lemon chess if Meyer lemons are not … Continue reading

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Limited posting schedule for the rest of this month

I’ll be making two trips to the west coast later this month, and that will put a crimp on blog posts for a while (especially the food posts). There will be one more post from last weekend’s cooking, which should … Continue reading

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Not Mastering the Art of French Cooking

I recently bought a copy of Julia Child et al.‘s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (50th anniversary edition boxed set), the cookbook that made Julia Child a household name (at least among the aspirational middle class). I’ve been scanning … Continue reading

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Added some Joanne Chang recipes to my pointer page

I went through Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook the other day and marked all of the recipes I though I wanted to try. Now I’ve made those bookmarks electronic, on my “Recipe Pointers” page. (You’ll still have to actually buy the … Continue reading

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Nutrition facts formatting

I made some changes to the blog’s CSS so that the nutrition information looks more like the FDA recommendation, and learned a bit about’s CSS setup in the process. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about the fonts: allows … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the platform

I’ve always been leery of outsourcing any part of my Web content. A few years ago, I even installed a blog platform on my Web server with the intent of using it to publish things like this. Before I had … Continue reading

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