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Giving away some ebooks

Long time no see, blog fam! I wish I could blame the COVID-19 situation for my lack of posting so far this year, but in fact I’ve had very limited energy at all this whole year, and indeed going back … Continue reading

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My decade, 2010–2019

Attention conservation notice: about 8,500 words about me and what I did for the past ten years, what I previously wrote about that, and how I feel in hindsight. Minimally edited, rather disjointed, and jumps around in time a lot … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

This past weekend, I read a couple of YA novels that took the standard fairy-tale premise of “the prince saves the princess and they lived happily ever after” and turn it around into “the princess saves the princess (and whether … Continue reading

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Sitting here after spending another late morning abed with a book, I came to think for a moment: those authors whose books meant so much to me when I was growing up, they are as much older than me now … Continue reading

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Are cookbooks taking over publishing?

Cookbooks are said to be the hottest category in trade publishing right now, but it’s probably a stretch to say they’re “taking over”. However, I wasted quite a bit of time creating the following (somewhat silly) table, counting the number … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

(A teacher in a sorcery school is giving an impromptu lecture:) “Each of you may live a long time; each of you is of significant strength. You could do good, if you could judge all the consequences of what you … Continue reading

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Advice for fantasy writers

Advice for fantasy writers, from a reader (Originally published as a sequence of tweets in slightly different form.) Let the story go where it needs to go. Don’t fill in too much of the background. Remember that, if you’re successful, … Continue reading

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Go buy these books

I first became aware of Graydon Saunders many years ago, through the intercession of (or perhaps collaboration with) Welsh-Canadian fantasy writer Jo Walton. While it was as a poet that I knew him, he apparently works in IT (specifically document-processing … Continue reading

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From the “Pointless SQL Queries” file…

Somehow, the question came up on alt.usage.english of the distribution of author surnames (in people’s personal libraries) over the letters of the alphabet. Since I have a library database, I came up with the followng crazy query to answer this … Continue reading

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2014 in review: new books

It seems to be a custom for bloggers, like journalists, to write end-of-the-year pieces. I’ve been writing this for more than a year now, so I figure that’s sufficient to consider it a real thing. I’m going to start, though, … Continue reading

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