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Unbelievable cookbook idiocy

The Amazon fairy just deposited a copy of Ovenly (by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin) in my mailbox. In the front matter, it says: As we sent out our recipes fo testing, we heard from friends, colleagues and family that … Continue reading

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Yet more recipe pointers

I’ve been a bit of a tear lately annotating cookbooks for recipes I might want to make. I’ve intentionally avoided doing this for the big “encyclopedic” cookbooks, like Joy, which are more for reference than for inspiration, but I’m about … Continue reading

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More updates to recipe pointers

I’ve gone through a few more cookbooks and taken note of things I might want to try: Carole Bloom, Caramel Elaine Louie, The Occasional Vegetarian Kevin Mills and Nancy Mills, Chocolate on the Brain Marlena Spieler, Macaroni & Cheese Hope … Continue reading

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On the uniqueness of (personal) libraries

What’s the minimum number of books required to positively identify someone by their personal collection? For me, at least, I’m willing to bet that it’s two: if anyone else has both the late Dick Golembiewski’s Milwaukee Television History and Eugene … Continue reading

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This week’s Diane Duane quote

Maybe this one is really intended for me more than whatever readers I may have here: It is perhaps one of life’s more interesting ironies that, of the many who beseech the Goddess to send them love, so few will … Continue reading

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Literature and emotion and Deep Wizardry

Early this morning (or actually, all too late) I finished reading the “New Millennium Edition” of Diane Duane’s Deep Wizardry. I have the first edition (in multiple copies, even), and in fact read the first edition as a library book … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from a nonbeliever on Evangelii Gaudium

One of the big bits of international news this week was the release by the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Francis’s first major official statement, Evangelii Gaudium (translated in English as “The Joy of the Gospel”). This “apostolic exhortation” set … Continue reading

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Simple database tricks

I’ve been keeping an inventory of my personal library in a database for more than a decade. It was thus easy, when writing the previous post, to find out the exact number of books I had bought from SFBC. I … Continue reading

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End of the line for book clubs?

When I was growing up, pretty much every magazine had at least one double-page spread, with a response card tipped in, for a book club of one sort or another. Which club it was would depend on the readership of … Continue reading

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