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Fun with SQL: The U.S. city with the most AM stations

A friend asked me a radio trivia question with a surprising answer: what U.S. city has the most licensed AM radio stations? (This question had apparently stumped him when a friend asked him, and now he was trying to stump … Continue reading

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Radio playlist algorithmics

If you’re building a music log for a radio station, you generally have certain rules determined by your format — for example: All of the top 10 songs get played once every jock shift All of the next 20 songs … Continue reading

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Summer entertainment: time to make a choice

Today I got my annual envelope from the BSO inviting me to pre-order tickets for the upcoming Tanglewood season. I’ve never had any interest in classical music, but every year since 2007 I’ve gone for the “Prairie Home Companion” live … Continue reading

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The cost of public broadcasting

One morning this past week, I spent some time listening to BBC Radio 4 “open up”. (It was actually yesterday evening for me, because I was listening live, and 0520 BST, when Radio 4 switches from relaying BBC World Service … Continue reading

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