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Clarifying one particular gender conversation

This post has been percolating in my head since the Worldcon 75 in Helsinki last August. My initial idea was quite a bit more ambitious — I have a note here which reads “Gender: cause or effect?” — but what … Continue reading

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A day trip to Turku

This gallery contains 46 photos.

This is nearly the final post about my March–April, 2017, trip to Finland. I should have some Reykjavik pictures to post, if I can find the time and energy to edit them all (and remember what they were), but this … Continue reading

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Some linguistic observations from my trip to Finland

This is about as total a break from the figure skating coverage as I can manage, I think. My first experience in Finland was as an exchange student in 1988–89. I had not been back to the country (or indeed … Continue reading

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So what just happened?

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and haven’t had a whole lot of time or energy for baking. But we just had this, um, shocking result in an election, and I wanted to put a few words down about it. Everything … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Fred Vultee on the usual suspects

Wayne State journalism prof. Fred Vultee is always good for a line when it comes to the depraved weasels at Fox News: Outrage appears to have a lot more to do with who you are than with the scale of … Continue reading

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What exactly do we mean by “friend”?

One day in the middle of last week, I OD’ed on chocolate while at work. As a result, I felt ashamed and later depressed, but more relevant to this post, I was so buzzed on the natural stimulants chocolate contains … Continue reading

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Human-What? Interaction

Somewhere near the intersection of cognitive science, psychology, and computer science lies the subfield of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) — sometimes called Computer-Human Interaction. It’s not a subject I’ve studied at all (and if you saw the user interfaces I’ve developed … Continue reading

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I was struck by the following music-player serendipity: Bruce Cockburn, “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” Cry Cry Cry, “Northern Cross” Poi Dog Pondering, “Catacombs” Aztec Camera, “Sun” Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Under the Bridge” Dream Academy, “Life in a … Continue reading

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On the uniqueness of (personal) libraries

What’s the minimum number of books required to positively identify someone by their personal collection? For me, at least, I’m willing to bet that it’s two: if anyone else has both the late Dick Golembiewski’s Milwaukee Television History and Eugene … Continue reading

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The Definition of “Engineering”

On the way home, I was thinking about the overlap of engineering and design. Most engineering disciplines involve some element of design, but design and engineering are not the same thing. Similarly, some designers (particularly those working on Web site … Continue reading

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