I have a ~1300-song playlist in VLC that I use as my primary music source. It’s a small fraction of my overall music library, but I very rarely go outside this list when I’m not listening to the radio. I still buy music (in physical format where practical), because I believe it’s important that artists be compensated properly for their work, and currently streaming services pay only a tiny fraction of the royalty that actual copies sold do. I wanted to put a copy of the playlist online, mostly as background for another set of posts that I’m thinking about making, so I don’t consider it especially private even if no one is really likely to look through it all. At first I thought I would put it here, but it’s a big table, and doesn’t support sortable tables, so it’s on my regular Web server instead. (Of course, I haven’t made it sortable yet, either. Right now it’s effectively sorted by pathname.)

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