About nutrition facts

NOTE WELL: many posts on this blog give a listing of nutrition facts. Although these tables look (intentionally) similar to the FDA’s standard Nutrition Facts panel, they are computed from the nutrition data of each food’s ingredients, and are not derived from a laboratory analysis of the cooked product. The actual nutritional content may vary from the values given for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Chemical and physical changes which take place during cooking which alter or destroy some nutrients
  • Draining of cooking mediums such as fat or water
  • Errors or computational inaccuracies in the nutrition database used to compute the figures, including rounding errors, which may be significant due to the different ways in which some foods are measured when used as ingredients rather than finished foods
  • Differences or measurement inaccuracies in serving sizes

In May, 2016, the FDA published revised regulations governing nutrition labeling. The new regulations change the Daily Value guidelines, require the disclosure of additional nutrients and make optional some other disclosures which were formerly mandatory. There is also a new label presentation. These calculations are based on an ingredient database which does not include the newly required disclosures and uses the old Daily Value calculations. Because manufacturers have until 2018 to adapt to the new regulations, and even longer before the database reflects those changes, it will be some time before this site is able to adopt the 2016 nutrition labeling standards.

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