Recipe pointers: America’s Test Kitchen TV

Season 15 (2015)

  • #1504 “Beefing Up Mexican Favorites”: Shredded beef tacos

Season 14 (2014)

  • #1401 “Meat and Potatoes with Panache”: Braised red potatoes
  • #1403 “Three Ways with Eggs”: Fluffy omelet; Perfect fried eggs
  • #1404 “A Modern Take on Pizza and Grilled Cheese”: Thin-crust whole-wheat pizza
  • #1405 French-style Dutch Oven Dinner”: French-style chicken and stuffing in a pot; French-style pork stew
  • #1409 “Revisiting Julia Child’s Turkey”: Roast Thanksgiving turkey and dressing
  • #1410 “Decadent Desserts”: Chocolate tart; Best butterscotch pudding
  • #1413 “It’s Pasta Night”: Spaghetti carbonara; Summer pasta puttanesca
  • #1414 “Oatmeal Muffins and Granola”: Oatmeal muffins
  • #1415 “Hearty Spanish and Italian Soups”: Hearty Spanish-style lentil and chorizo soup”
  • #1419 “Spiced-Up Cuban Cuisine”: Cuban-style Picadillo; Cuban shredded beef
  • #1420 “Best Barbecued Chicken & Cornbread”: Fresh corn cornbread
  • #1426 “Sweet American Clasics”: Marbled blueberry Bundt cake

Season 13 (2013)

  • #1301 “Meat and Potatoes à la Française”: Pot roasted pork loin; Potatoes boulangère
  • #1302 “Great American Classics”: Peanut butter sandwich cookies; Carrot layer cake
  • #1304 “Simple and Satisfying Vegetable Mains”: Farmhouse vegetable and barley soup
  • #1305 “Pork Chops and Lentil Salad”: Braised pork chops
  • #1306 “Ultimate Italian”: Ragú alla Bolognese
  • #1308 “Two Ways with Fish”: Poached fish fillets with sherry; Salmon cakes
  • #1309 “Big Bold Chicken Braises”: Chicken Marbella; Filipino chicken adobo
  • #1310 “Spicy Fall Sweets”: Pumpkin bread; Gingersnaps
  • #1312 “Breakfast Standbys”: Ten-minute steel-cut oatmeal (ed: if you don’t count the overnight soak)
  • #1315 “Great Italian Pasta Sauces”: Pasta all’Amatriciana
  • #1316 “Asian Takeout Favorites”: Sichuan stir-fried pork with garlic sauce; Thai stir-fried noodles with chicken
  • #1324 “Chili and Stew Go Vegetarian”: Vegetarian chili
  • #1325 “French Sweets, Refined and Rustic”: French apple cake

Season 12 (2012)

  • #1201 “Simply Chicken”: Simple roast chicken
  • #1202 “Fall Classics”: Pot-roasted pork loin
  • #1204 “Chocolate Torte”: Chocolate torte
  • #1205 “Pasta, Please”: Spring vegetable pasta
  • #1207 “A Latin Celebration”: Peruvian roast chicken, Black beans and rice
  • #1209 “Shake and Bake, Reinvented”: Nut-crusted chicken cutlets, Pan-fried pork chops
  • #1210 “Here’s the Beef”: Chili con carne
  • #1211 “Crepes and Croissants”: Crepes, Croissants
  • #1212 “Salmon and Sole”: Glazed salmon, Baked sole fillets with breadcrumbs
  • #1213 “Soup and Bread from Scratch”: Broccoli cheese soup
  • #1214 “A Moroccan Feast”: Chicken tagine with couscous
  • #1215 “Vegetarian Pasta Night”: Spaghetti al limone
  • #1216 “Cool and Creamy Desserts”: Homemade ice cream (vanilla bean), Chocolate pudding
  • #1219 “Mediterranean Specials”: Spanakopita, Beef kebabs*
  • #1225 “Summertime Supper”: Grilled stuffed pork tenderloin, Corn chowder
  • #1226 “Bistro-style Steak and Potatoes”: Pan-seared steak with herb sauce, Potato galette, Quick demiglace
  • ??? “Cold Weather Comfort”: Split pea and ham soup

Season 11 (2011)

  • #1101 “Old-Fashioned Sunday Dinners”: Old-fashioned beef pot roast
  • #1104 “Chewy Brownies and Chocolate Cupcakes”: Chewy brownies
  • #1105 “Italian Comfort Classics”: Italian braised chicken*
  • #1106 “Fall Favorites”: Slow-roasted pork shoulder
  • #1107 “Seafood in a Skillet”: Skillet-roasted fish fillets
  • #1109 “Dutch Oven Classics”: Best beef stew, Chicken and dumplings
  • #1110 “Asian Favorites at Home”: Thai chicken with basil
  • #1116 “Easier Italian Favorites”: Hands-free risotto

Season 10 (2010)

  • #1001 “Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake”: Triple chocolate mousse cake
  • #1002 “Chicken Classics Reinvented”: Crisp-skinned roast chicken
  • #1005 “Two Ways with Pork”: Skillet-roasted pork chops, Maple-glazed pork tenderloin (see below)
  • #1008 “Meat and Potatoes for Company”: Roast Chateaubriand, Aligot
  • #1012 “An Austrian Supper”: Pork schnitzel, Austrian potato salad
  • #1013 “Who Wants Pasta?”: Baked ziti
  • #1016 “Salmon Indoors and Out”: Oven-roasted salmon
  • #1020 “All-Time Cookie Favorites”: Super chewy chocolate cookies, Thin and crispy oatmeal cookies
  • #1021 “South of the Border Supper”: Mexican pulled pork, Mexican street corn

Season 9 (2009)

  • #903 “Dinner with a Latin Accent”: Arroz con pollo
  • #904 “The Crunchiest Pork Chops Ever”: Pork chops with crisp crust (aka Crispy breaded pork chops), Applesauce

Season 8 (2008)

  • #801 “Rainy Day BBQ Pork Chops”: Macaroni salad
  • #805 “French Classics”: Chocolate pots de creme
  • #816 “Old-Fashioned Breakfast Cakes”: Blueberry boy bait, New York-style crumb cake
  • #820 “Indian Favorites Simplified”: Chicken tikka masala

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