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Nutrition information for high-test chocolate

As I’ve noted before, good chocolate can vary quite substantially in its nutritional value, as manufacturers adjust the ratio of cocoa solids to cocoa butter, even when keeping the overall percentage cacao the same. Taken from the CSAIL Tasters wiki, … Continue reading

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On misrepresenting IQ

There’s been a lot of talk in my Twitter timeline about Boris Johnson and IQ lately. Apparently the Mayor of London thinks that some people really are more worthy than others. This controversy spilled over into the comments of a … Continue reading

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An addendum to the findslowdisks DTrace hack

In the previous installment, I posted a script that will output a series of lines that look like this: multipath/s33d7: 417.3 ms > 372.9 ms multipath/s25d22: 682.9 ms > 372.9 ms multipath/s29d5: 699.2 ms > 372.9 ms multipath/s25d4: 1449.1 ms … Continue reading

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Game proficiency and mental health

I have exactly two games installed across all of my computing devices. (Obviously I’m not a gamer and not likely ever to be one.) I’ve been musing on long-term trends in my performance in these two games, and I have … Continue reading

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