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Several long-overdue recipe quick takes

There comes a point when you simply have to declare “blog bankruptcy” and clear out your writing backlog. That doesn’t allow you to discharge your writing debt in its entirety, but it does mean that you (well, I) can feel … Continue reading

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Leftover cream + chocolate = truffles!

Last weekend, I made a chocolate layer cake using Alice Medrich’s whipped chocolate ganache as filling. Ganache, of course, requires cream, and making ganache from high-test chocolate requires more cream to balance out the cocoa butter and keep the result … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet Roulade

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I’ve been unforgivably lax in posting lately, so I’m just about three weeks behind at present, but Prairie Home Companion was a rerun today, so I’m going to use some of that time to catch up. I’ll have to apologize … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet Deception

I’d like to claim that I was incredibly foresightful and deliberately chose a low-calorie chocolate torte to make for the first regular work day after two consecutive pig-out holidays (Christmas and New Year’s), but in fact it was sheer dumb … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles Four Ways

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately. That’s not because I’ve stopped baking, but a combination of other activities has kept me from having the time and energy to write blog posts for the past week. So … Continue reading

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A layer cake for a party with nuts and two kinds of chocolate

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Early last week, my colleague Marzyeh invited me to an end-of-summer party she and her husband Eric were holding on Saturday at the picnic area outside their apartment building. They were providing (and Eric was grilling) the protein, but they … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions (redux)

A month ago, I posted “Coming Attractions“, listing the things I was planning on doing for my summer baking project. I thought it was time to post an update. 8/24 Whole Grain Baking: Lemon–Raspberry Cake 8/26 Luchetti: Walnut–Hazelnut Bars 8/31 … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Alice Medrich’s “Queen of Sheba” chocolate torte

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Originally this weekend, I figured I would make brownies. But then I got the idea for a brownie-fest and decided to do something different. I stumbled across the recipe for “The Queen of Sheba”, a chocolate-almond torte, in Alice Medrich’s … Continue reading

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Towards a unified theory of frozen desserts

From an early age, I had the understanding that there were four different kinds of ice cream: the traditional American style, called “Philadelphia”, which is made with milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring; “French”, which is a frozen egg custard; “Italian” … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Alice Medrich’s Extra-Bittersweet Ganache Truffles

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This week’s first recipe was born out of a dilemma: last week’s recipe called for a quarter cup of heavy cream. I don’t have anything useful to do with heavy cream, but it’s sold in pint bottles, so I had … Continue reading

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