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Debugging a weird network problem (or: IPv6 privacy addresses, just say no)

All you folks who followed my blog for food porn are going to want to skip this one. The past ten days have been pretty horrible for me at work, thanks to the combined effect of five different network issues. … Continue reading

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The latest way in which Firefox is broken

At work, Firefox is our recommended and officially-supported browser. We have historically liked it because (a) it works the same on all platforms, and (b) it implements SSL client authentication correctly. Unfortunately, it seems that very few Firefox developers actually … Continue reading

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On canned tuna and tuna salad

Canned fish is an odd thing in general, a relic of a previous era when there was no practical way of transporting highly perishable foods over long distances, so it had to be preserved (by drying, salting, or smoking) or … Continue reading

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End of the new-car hunt

At the end of the last month, I had to replace my eighth-generation Honda Accord V6, which was coming off lease on December 6. I had narrowed the choices down to two hybrids with very similar technology, the brand-new Accord … Continue reading

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First test drive

Over the Columbus Day weekend I managed to see a number of car dealers and learned a bit, plus I finally got to test-drive something. Some random notes in no particular order: That Nissan 370Z is looking less and less … Continue reading

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What business do car dealers think they’re in?

After navigating a series of unspeakably awful automaker Web sites to gather the raw data for my previous post on fuel economy, I spent about an hour today looking at dealer locations and hours — particularly service hours. When I … Continue reading

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