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Recipe quick takes: Emily Luchetti’s Caramel Chocolate Chunk Tart

This is going to be an even quicker “quick take” than usual, because I only have one photo of this tart — taken after it was completely baked. (Since the procedure is all stuff I’ve covered before, more than once … Continue reading

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Recipe quick take: Emily Luchetti’s Walnut Hazelnut Bars

Straight off, I have to admit that this recipe was a bit more involved than my initial impression had suggested, making it unsuitable for the “easy midweek” tranche of my summer baking project, and as a result I screwed several … Continue reading

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Browniefest part 9: Brownies with unusual toppings by Carole Bloom and by Mindy Segal

The previous posts covered all of the “plain” brownies, some of which had nuts or chocolate chunks in them but none of which had any sort of topping applied. I did all of those brownies first before starting on the … Continue reading

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