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Several long-overdue recipe quick takes

There comes a point when you simply have to declare “blog bankruptcy” and clear out your writing backlog. That doesn’t allow you to discharge your writing debt in its entirety, but it does mean that you (well, I) can feel … Continue reading

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“Mycroft’s Delight” Revisited

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I’ve made Diane Duane’s “Mycroft’s Delight” a couple of times in the past (I wrote it up back in January, 2016) but there were some changes I wanted to make — in particular, getting rid of the tropical-oil-laden Nutella used … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Claire Ptak’s Rye Chocolate Brownies

Here in my home office, in front of the bookcase to the left of my desk I used to have a very large pile of cookbooks waiting to be scanned for interesting recipes and ultimately shelved in the kitchen bookcase … Continue reading

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Leftover cream + chocolate = truffles!

Last weekend, I made a chocolate layer cake using Alice Medrich’s whipped chocolate ganache as filling. Ganache, of course, requires cream, and making ganache from high-test chocolate requires more cream to balance out the cocoa butter and keep the result … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Lora Brody’s White Chocolate–Orange Pound Cake

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As I mentioned in the last installment, Lora Brody’s cookbook Chocolate American Style (Clarkson Potter, 2004) is the only cookbook I regularly consult that consistently calls for extra-large eggs in its recipes. So it’s natural, after making a Brody recipe … Continue reading

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Really ultra-super-hyper-quick-take: Lora Brody’s Chile Cha-Cha Brownies

Last weekend I did “Chile Cha-Cha Brownies” from Lora Brody’s Chocolate American Style (Clarkson Potter, 2004; p. 237), and didn’t even bother to take a single photo. I’m sorry, I was a bit distracted by current events. They were pretty good, … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Joanne Chang’s “Homemade Oreos”

Another week, another quick review of a Joanne Chang cookie recipe. I have to put “Homemade Oreos” — or perhaps “Homemade ‘Oreos’” — in quotation marks, because these sandwich cookies really don’t have anything to do with Oreo brand sandwich … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Joanne Chang’s Almond Macaroons with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache

This is just about the simplest baking recipe I’ve ever done here, to the extent that even an in-depth review isn’t going to be longer than a “quick take”. But before that, a little digression on naming. In recent years … Continue reading

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Other People’s Recipes: Joanne Chang’s Double-Chocolate Cookies

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These are among my favorite cookies at Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery+Cafe, and I finally got around to making them myself, from the recipe in her cookbook Flour (Chronicle Books, 2010; p. 106). The preparation is more than a bit unusual, as … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Ovenly’s Gooey Honey Blondies

Despite my complaints about how the recipes are written, Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin’s cookbook Ovenly (Harlequin, 2014) does contain enough interesting recipes to make it worth the cost. I’ve already done their Black Chocolate Stout Cake twice, I did … Continue reading

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