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Other people’s recipes: Corey’s Homemade Chicken Potpie by Joanne Chang

This is another one of those confusingly titled recipes from Joanne Chang’s cookbook Flour, too (pp. 194–197). As a pastry chef by training, Chang depends on other chefs to handle the savory side of her Flour Bakery-Cafes; the “Corey’s” in … Continue reading

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Tutorial: From pie dough to pie crust

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In the previous installment (“Tutorial: Making Joanne Chang’s Pâte Brisée“), I covered making an egg-enriched pie dough using a recipe from Joanne Chang’s cookbook Flour, too (“Corey’s Homemade Chicken Potpie”, pp. 194–197). When last we left the scene of the … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Making Joanne Chang’s Pâte Brisée

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A lot of the people I’ve spoken to over the past few months of pie-baking have expressed to me that they think making pastry is “too hard”, “too fussy”, or “too much work”. I aim to demonstrate that none of … Continue reading

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Recipe quick takes: Joanne Chang’s Vegan low-fat chocolate cake

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my baking lately, thanks to travel and the holidays. I was planning on doing two different Joanne Chang recipes this weekend, but since one involved making pastry and all my butter was in the … Continue reading

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Three Great Holiday Pies

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Continuing my personal-record-breaking year of pie-making, I decided that for the family Christmas gatherings this year I would make three pies. I actually started out making only two — Joanne Chang’s “Ooey, Gooey Caramel-Nut Tart” and Four & Twenty Blackbirds’ … Continue reading

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Nutrition estimates for those pies

In my post about CSAIL Holiday Baking Fest, I neglected to provide any nutrition estimates for the pies I made. Since I’m about to start making more pies for Christmas, I was reminded that I had left this undone. I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Fest part II: the pies

On Sunday, I baked five of the six pies. I ran into two issues that prevented me from baking pie #6 on Sunday: I ran out of both pumpkin and eggs. (This was perhaps because my shopping list was based … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Fest part I: the pastry

When you’re baking a whole bunch of something, it pays to arrange things assembly-line style, so that you’re not constantly moving ingredients from cabinet to work area and back, and so that the tools, measures, and bowls that are needed … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Joanne Chang’s honey-cinnamon ice cream & Cook’s Illustrated’s rice and lentils

It’s a two-for-one today: first the honey-cinnamon ice cream from Joanne Chang’s first cookbook, Flour (p. 260), and then from this month’s Cook’s Illustrated, it’s “Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions” (pp. 8–9). Let’s start with the ice cream, which … Continue reading

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Other people’s recipes: Chef Aniceto’s summer vegetable soup with sausage and green lentils

It’s been too long since I last did a serious recipe post from my queue, so this weekend I did two! First, I made a cherry pie, and then after that was done, I made Chef Aniceto’s summer vegetable soup, … Continue reading

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