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Sitting here after spending another late morning abed with a book, I came to think for a moment: those authors whose books meant so much to me when I was growing up, they are as much older than me now … Continue reading

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The most awesome person in the world disappeared from my life this week, in all probability for good. It may be claiming a bit much to say that she was ever really in my life; while she was certainly in … Continue reading

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The Most Difficult Time of the Year

In December, our popular culture is constantly delivering the message that everyone is expected to be happy, indeed joyful, at this time — there’s probably a radio station playing “The Most Wonderful Time” as I write this. All the office … Continue reading

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What exactly do we mean by “friend”?

One day in the middle of last week, I OD’ed on chocolate while at work. As a result, I felt ashamed and later depressed, but more relevant to this post, I was so buzzed on the natural stimulants chocolate contains … Continue reading

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A not-quite-response to Jean Yang’s response to “Comment 171”

Last month, MIT Computer Science professor Scott Aaronson (disclaimer: a colleague, although as he’s a theoretician, not one I interact with very much) wrote a thoughtful blog post about MIT’s response to the allegations of misconduct against former Physics professor … Continue reading

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