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The economy of ideas

Even the best of us have only a few ideas. Bill Gates, our era’s wealthiest entrepreneur, arguably had only one big idea. Giving wealthy people like him tax breaks will not suddenly encourage them to have more ideas. It is … Continue reading

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Markets and other human institutions (quotation)

I thought the following quotation from Cosma Shalizi, one of my favorites, seemed appropriate in light of my previous post on Evangelii Gaudium: There is a fundamental level at which Marx’s nightmare vision is right: capitalism, the market system, whatever … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from a nonbeliever on Evangelii Gaudium

One of the big bits of international news this week was the release by the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Francis’s first major official statement, Evangelii Gaudium (translated in English as “The Joy of the Gospel”). This “apostolic exhortation” set … Continue reading

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End of the line for book clubs?

When I was growing up, pretty much every magazine had at least one double-page spread, with a response card tipped in, for a book club of one sort or another. Which club it was would depend on the readership of … Continue reading

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